Decentralization of Power and Reform of Local Self-Government in Ukraine

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The initiated reform of local self-government is an anticipated response to public demand for the eradication of the rigid neo-Soviet political system in Ukraine.

It should be noted that attempts to preserve or adapt to present realities the hierarchical financial and administrative monopoly of central government - both at the central level and at the level of individual regions - is currently one of the most serious threats to the restoration of Ukraine’s statehood and sovereignty.

Implementation of reforms on developing the principles of self-government in the Ukrainian society will cause profound changes in the systems of public administration and will result in the involvement of communities to the process of creating development policies at local and central levels. In view of this, local self-government reform will require compliance with a strict sequencing and phasing of institutional innovations.

Writing team: Andriy Yermolaev, Volodymyr Lupatsiy, Vyacheslav Potapenko, Irina Klimenko, Valentyna Romanova, Vadim Yemets, Svetlana Taran.